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Classical Indian Dance

Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant und Tanzensemble

Von und mit dem Shankarananda Kalakshetra Ensemble aus Indien.
Im Rahmen des Festivals zu 70 Jahre Unabhängigkeit Indiens, präsentiert durch die Indische Regierung und die indische Botschaft in der Schweiz und Liechtenstein sowie den India Club Liechtenstein.

Die indische klassische Tänzerin Ananda Shankar Jayant ist eine der bekanntesten indischen Künstlerinnen. Mit Präzision und faszinierender Grazie präsentiert sie die klassischen Tanzstile Bharatanatyam und Kuchipudi. 

NAVARASA – Synopsis 
Indian aesthetics and dramaturgy, speak of the nine emotions of life – Roudra or Anger; Bhayanaka or Fear; Adhbhuta or Wonder; Bhibhatsa or Disgust; Veera or Valour; Karuna or grief; Hasya or Humour; Sringara or love and Shanta or Peace. 
In the context of Indian dance, these emotions are usually portrayed through narrative, myth and metaphor. In traditional Indian dance, the Navarasa is usually presented with stories of Gods and Goddesses, and is mostly expressed through facial expressions.

However, Navarasa - Expressions of Life, by Ananda Shankar Jayant, uses the architectonic grammar of Bharatanatyam, the lilt and cadence of Kuchipudi, abstraction and body kinetics, to present the universal theme of emotions in a contemporary format, sans, stories, myths or lyrics.

This production has been staged in many major festivals in India, and has also toured Central and South America, Corfu festival in Greece, The Edinburgh Mela festival, the Festival of India in Russia, Festival of India in Brazil, USA and Canada, Busan Festival Korea, Festival of India in China etc., earning critical acclaim everywhere.

Nationally awarded dancer, choreographer Ananda Shankar Jayant , celebrated as one of India’s most eminent and leading classical dancers, choreographers and dance scholars, brings her signature production: 

Navarasa - Expressions of Life
In this scintillating work Navarasa – Expressions of Life; Dr. Jayant moving away from myth and lyric, uses abstraction as a way to explore human experience and emotion , and strings together in an eclectic manner, the nine emotions of life through the mnemonics of music, rhythm, along with facial expressions, this dance production, explores the use of body language and group dynamics to support the range of emotions portrayed on the stage, and invites the audience to draw on the memory of their own personal emotions of everyday life.

Concept & Choreography: Ananda Shankar Jayant
Music: Prema Ramamurthy
Script: Jayant Dwarkanath
Costumes: Ganesh Nallari

Performed by Shankarananda Kalakshetra ensemble
Ananda Shankar Jayant
Sneha Magapu
Chelna Galada
Aditi Rao
Krupa Ravi
Harshitha Kaja
Poojitha Namburi
Anusha Namburi
Neha Kameswari Sathanapalli

Sound and lights Prakash Savio
Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant
inhabits the worlds of administration, academics, and arts; straddling them with equal ease.

 Celebrated as one of India’s most eminent classical dancer, choreographer and scholar, Ananda’s  artistic body of work, spans mythologies  and abstraction, historical chronicles and women studies, poetry, abstraction, philosophy and humour.

Ananda was conferred the "Padma Shri" (India’s 4th highest civilian award) in 2007 and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Puraskar for Bharatanatyam in 2009.

Ananda is a sought after motivational speaker. Ananda’s  TED talk in  2009, was rated by Huffington Post, as one of five greatest TED talks by Indians. Recent speaking invitations include; the India Conference at Harvard, and an interview for BBC- World Service.

Harnessing Technology for Arts, Ananda has conceptualized and launched Natyarambha, a first of its kind digital arts initiative – a Bharatanatyam practice app that connects tradition to technology 


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